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'The faces of hope: stories of immigration'

MATERIAL DESCRIPTION The portraits are made by charcoal on Fabriano paper, 38x54cm. The technique combines two tendencies; on the one hand, the academic tendency for producing shapes by shades in the attempt to explore the light as the symbolic realm of the scene, and, on the other hand, the illustrative tendency for producing lines, contrasts, and written texts. As in the former project, the subjectivity of the characters and the dramatization of the scenes are linked by the contrast between the glance of the characters and the text that emphasizes the tension of their inner life.

THE TOPIC The topic of this project is the experience of immigration from a personal-psychological perspective. The project does not attempt to discuss politically the good and the bad of immigration as such, but rather to show what is at play in the experience of who is passing through it. I believe that we cannot take any further political decision if we didn´t observe first what is going on in it. I suggest…

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